Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Journey Begins

Wow! It's hard to believe that this journey has already begun! The Lord has blessed us with an absolutely beautiful day in which to travel. I have just arrived at the airport in Columbus, Ohio where my first flight will depart for the JFK airport at one this afternoon. The hardest part of the day has been to leave my wonderful wife here in the states. This will be the longest period of time we have been apart since we started dating. I certainly appreciate your prayers for the both of us. We trust God will use this separation to draw us close together and closer to Himself.
Ruth dropping me off at the Columbus Airport

Security is Just Around the Corner!

Saw this and thought of you Wanda Speas! (Wolfgang Puck - Gourmet Express)

Since the I've had a year now to plan this trip, I've been able to add in a few extra stops to maximize this trip over the Atlantic. So here's what my iteneray is looking like for the summer:

June 5th - Depart for JFK (New York) @ 1:00 PM
     Overnight flight to Helsinki, Finland @ 5:40 PM
June 6th - After an eight hour layover, depart for Rome @ 4:20 PM
June 7th - Day in Naples & Pompeii
June 8th - Depart of Kiev, Ukraine at 12:55 PM
June 9th - Day in Keiv with missionary friend, Shushan Richardson WGM
June 10th - Depart for Tel Aviv, Israel @ 9:45 AM
     Find a Sherut (Taxi like bus) to Jerusalem University College
June 11th - Classes Begin: Historical & Geographical Settings
July 1-2 - Jordan Excersian / Petra
July 3rd - Classes Begin: Jesus and His Times
July 14th - Depart for Kiev, Ukraine @ 4:30 AM
     Depart for Rome, Italy @ 10:00 AM
     Meet my wonderful wife in Rome around 7:00 PM
July 15-22 - In Rome with Ruth
July 23rd - Depart of Helsinki, Finland @ 11:20 AM
     Overnight in Helsinki, Finland
July 24th - Depart for JFK @ 2:10 PM
July 24th - Depart for Columbus, Ohio @ 8:55 PM
    ~ Home Sweet Home ~


  1. Congratulations, Zane! I'm excited for you... especially that part about spending a day with Shushanna! Looks like it will be a great trip. I'll be praying for you!

  2. Praying for your trip. Stay safe, enjoy!