Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Graduating from KMBC
Last year about this time I had just graduated from Kentucky Mountain Bible College was getting ready to head back to Kentucky after spending Memorial Day in Iowa. However, on our way home, Ruth and I were in an accident near Shelbyville, Indiana. I had broken three ribs, rendering me unable to travel to the Holy Land. Although quite disappointed, I trusted the Lord had better plans for me this year! And He certainly does.

Petra in Jordan
To visit the Land of the patriarchs, prophets, and my Savior has been a dream of mine for many years. Having just graduated from college, I never expected to have such an opportunity so early. I will be in Israel for six weeks this summer, taking two classes from Jerusalem University College: Historical & Geographical Settings and Jesus and His Times. Together these classes will add six credit hour toward the completion of my Master of Arts in Religion. Throughout the duration of these two classes, I will be studying directly across from Mount Zion, and will be traveling to such places as Caesarea, Nazareth, Capernaum, the Dead Sea, Petra, and Qumran - just to name a few.

The Colosseum in Rome
Although initially disappointed these plans did not come to fruition last year, I trusted God had something better in store this year. After doing much research, I was able to book my flight in three section for significantly cheaper than I had originally paid for the round trip ticket. Although my wife will be unable to join me for the Holy Land tour, we will be able to meet up in Rome on my way back home where we will have eight days together to experience the “Eternal City.” 
December 14th, 2012

God is so very good, and everything works out perfectly in His own timing. I have found this to be so very true. These past nine months have been quite eventful. As you are aware, Ruth and I were married on December 14th of this past year. I am so very blessed to have such an amazing woman in my life. God was so good orchestrate our lives together as only He could. He is truly faithful to guide those who are willing to wait on Him. Neither Ruth nor myself had ever dated any else. Both of us felt since highschool that the Lord wanted us to wait until we were at nearly twenty before we considered dating. This ensured we had time to devote to our learn our Shepherd’s voice. Since being married, the Lord has taught us both many lessons. Never before has Paul’s analogy in Ephesians five taken on such a wealth of meaning. We are called to humility and self-sacrifice on a daily bases - making us more and more like our Lord and Savior. 
December 14th, 2013

In relation to our ministry at Kentucky Mountain Bible College, last fall I was given the opportunity to do a little bit of teaching, and I absolutely loved it! This coming August I will be teaching a portion of a Freshman orientation class along with a class on the Prison Epistles of St. Paul. In addition to a bit of teaching and maintaining the college website, I also serve as Program Director at the college radio station, Mountain Gospel Radio. This last week I have tied up in a new software upgrade. Though a bit more work than was anticipating, in the long run the new system will save us much time and enhance our on air quality. Later in the coming year we will be upgrading our online stream to make it more convenient to listen online at Since getting married, Ruth has been able to go to school full-time. She is just a couple classes shy of finishing her Master in Counseling. This coming fall she hopes to begin a few doctorate classes. God has already given Ruth many opportunities to begin counseling several young women at the Bible college - both through Bible studies and private counseling sessions. 

Over these past several months, I have been amazed at how God has provided for our every need. I expected many challenges and sacrifices to made while working for a volunteer mission school, but God has been so good to provide along the way. Although Ruth and I do not receive a regular salary, He has provided us with a place to live, and with a little TLC we’ve turned it into a place that we love to call home. With now only six days remaining before my departure, I would ask you to keep me in your prayers. There is still much to done, and as the Lord asks of us, “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.” You may keep updated with here or you are welcome to shoot me an email, and I will be glad send updates to you directly. Again, thank you so very much for prayer and support!

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