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A Day in Naples

Street Vendors - you can find just about anything ...
shoes, hats, movies, books, fruit ... and toilet paper!
As exited as I was to get an early start on my day, I decided to sleep in a little bit as I don't want to get to Jerusalem and have to crash. After getting ready, I caught the tail end breakfast at the hotel. Only bread and lunch meat was left, but that was okay. I only needed something to get me by until later in the day. I quickly headed back to the train terminal, but this time where there had been  vacant silent streets, this time they were bustling with life. The streets were covered with vendors, the bakeries and delis had tables out, and there were people everywhere: quite a contrast to the night before. With a little asking around, I was able to find a ticket for public transportation to Pompeii at a news stand. However, the metro-works a bit different than the train. This was not for a specific ticket, but for any transportation I'd need in the Naples / Pompeii area. Sounds like a great idea ... Now I've been on the metro in Washington DC, but trying to navigate Naples without a map is quite difficult. I quickly found the departure/arrival lines, but there was no map to found. Finally after some searching, I did manage to find a small map of the metro pasted to a wall, but much of it was missing. I managed to get my ticket validated and find the rail that my train where my train was supposed to arrive. However, as more than just my train would be stopping at this railway (assuming I had the right railway), I needed to be sure I was getting on the right one. There was one additional problem. The sign stating which train was going where was broken. It was stuck on 9:24 with the same destination for Napoli G. For starters I wasn't even sure what the "G" represented and it was now past eleven. It was in that moment I decided that rather than going to Pompeii, I would enjoy the day walking through the historic center of Naples. At least if I got lost this way, I would still be within walking distance of my hotel.

Walking down Corso Umberto
While I had been at the news stand previously, I had decided it would be good to buy a map. Although turned out to be quite a pathetic map, it was a map none the less. I headed south-west from the train station, down Corso Umberto to Mashio Angiono / Nuovo Castle near the coast then looped around by the Galleria Umbertoi to the Palazzo Reale. Upon leaving the Galleria Umbertoi I picked up a 'Mini S. Rosa' at the corner bakery. Delecimo! The first gate to the Palazzo Reale was open, so I proceeded inside and viewed the courtyard, outdoor hallways, and lookout over the port. As I was getting ready to leave I noticed another open door off to the side of the main courtyard. This one led inside, and apparently to the upper level of the courtyard.  I really don't know if I was supposed to have paid to get in or not. The building was nearly empty except for a few people who appeared to work there and a few more who appeared to be tourists. All the other tourists I came across though had a small black remote like device that told them about each room, so I had to use my imagination. When I find some internet, I'm planning on looking up exactly what I have looking at this afternoon. :) The building was absolutely beautiful and exceedingly ornate. The first room I entered was chapel. Although there was supposed to be no photography, I couldn't resist the temptation. I just made sure my flash was off and that I wasn't too obvious. :) On the other side of the building were a string of rooms. Each decorated with many paintings and murals. Most of the paintings were biblical in nature ... Christ, the Apostles, the Prophets, Lot's daughters seducing him, et. Then there were also many portraits. Again all the info signs were in Italian so I don't specifically know who any of them were, but I did manage to pick out Fernando I,  St. Francis Assisi, and several popes. Upon leaving I headed over to the pza del Plebiscito. From here it was my intent to find the Museo Nazionale S. Martino. Instead I did as one guide book suggested, "get lost on the streets of the historic downtown." At least that's where I assume I was. Periodic sidewalk maps would get me reoriented. At one point I attempted to navigate my way across to the museum, but found myself in a ghetto-like  residential area. I decided to stick to the main roads after that. :) Around four, I decided to start heading back toward the hotel to rest my weary feet before heading  back out for dinner. On my way back, I say a small church tucked off to the side of the main road. The door was open, so naturally I proceeded in to have a look around. There was a gentleman I presuming selling candles for wishing to light them for a saint. The chapel was under renovation but was still quite beautiful. with chambers off to the sides for various displays of art - some with benches for prayer.

Dinner - Pizza and a pastry item that starts with a "b" ;)
Around seven, I headed back out both to find some supper and hopefully catch a better glimpse of the sea. As it ended up, I got fairly close, but where came out at it was all blocked off for manufacturing for a ways in either direction. It looked like I would have to go back out where I had been earlier in the day if I wanted  to anywhere close. Sunset wasn't far off, so I decided to turn around and call it night. Picked up a pastry item and a small pizza on my way back for supper. Tomorrow I have a good deal of traveling to do. I'll be catching my train back to Rome, then transferring to the Leonardo Express to the airport where I will fly out to meet Shushan Richardson in Ukraine!

Some Strong Men

Old Church squished between two apartment buildings.

The way to go is in a moped :)

And yes, you can even find items from the US

Fountain in Naples

Mashio Angiono / Nuovo Castle 

Wasn't allowed to take pictures inside, but they are
restoring a painting of Christ.

Street Painter ... He's working on a Puppy at the moment
but has a wide variety he's completed next to him.

Galleria Umbertoi 

Galleria Umbertoi 

Flooring in the Galleria Umbertoi 

Notice the Detail (Galleria Umbertoi) 

Art is Everywhere :)

You can buy your silver and gold :)
The silver lady is real. I thought she was a dummy until I saw
a gold one at the other end stop for a smoke break :)

Lots of Bakeries

I tried the Mini S. Roma

Italian Militia

The Royal Palace
Various Statues around the Palazzo Reale / Royal Palace

Looks so Comfortable ;)

Fountain in the Main Courtyard of the
Palazzo Reale / Royal Palace

Another Courtyard in the Palazzo Reale / Royal Palace

Mt. Vesuvius from overlook in the Royal Palace

View of the Coast

Hallways around Courtyard
Chapel in Royal Palace

Side room of Chapel in the Royal Palace

There are Paintings in Every Corner

Stature of Jesus

Hey That's Me :)

Notice the Detail

More Paintings

And don't forget to look up!

Fernando I

"Throne" in Royal Palace

View opposite the Royal Palace

Dinner is Served!

Outer outdoor Hallway to right before leaving the
Royal Palace

Allie in Naples ... they get a whole lot more narrow!

Gelato ~ kind of like icecream

I had the Lemon and Strawberry

Italian's love their plants!

Wandering the Steets

Okay, here is a walking lesson I learned really soon! Don't Walk
signs don't mean anything. And you don't wait for the cars to
stop for you, you just gently walk in front of them. This freaked me
out at first, and still on the major roads. For the first few hours
I made sure I crossed with someone else ... I wasn't the only one
who was a bit nervous about the Italian way of crossing streets.
I ran into a group (speaking English) that were talking to an
Italian. He kindly led them across the street and kept motioning
for them to follow. :)

The Lightpoles

Random Church tucked away in a corner ...
 Let's Go In!!

And Yes, it's under restoration / construction.

One of the side chambers - this one with Christ on the Cross

I like the nose job :)

Again, there is detail everywhere!

This is the view outside my room at Hotel Ideal

Gas Station near Coast

Watch Your Step!

Ouch! That's Gotta Hurt.

Saw a pet store and thought of you Abbie! The guy yelled
when he noticed I was about to take a picture. Little did he
know I already did ;)

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