Thursday, June 6, 2013

Helsinki, Finland

Getting Ready for Boarding
Yeah!! Helsinki has free fast WiFi. :) The airport was somewhat eerily quiet this morning, but the pace has been picking up within the last hour. Our plan arrived around nine this morning (close to 2:00 AM EST). From personal interactive screens on the back of each seat where one can watch movies, listen to music, play games, check flight progress, etc. to the food and unique headphones, I've found the whole experience rather exciting. However, trying to sleep on an airplane is like trying to sleep on a train, - not the easiest thing to do - I did manage to get a couple hours of sleep.  Although there were many Americans that went though check-in with me, I found myself among nearly all Finns ... or at least I assume they were Finns. They all spoke the same language and were primarily blond with very similar facial features. I sat next to an older lady who said a few things to me, but as I couldn't speak Swedish it was a bit difficult to communicate. The flight attended were most helpful, but a bit difficult to understand. I did however figure out when they were asking if I wanted wine with my dinner. I opted for the apple juice. :)

Interactive Screens - Very Cool!
Dinner Time :)

Look at that headphone jack!

Good Morning from Above Helsinki

I can see Finland!

First Glimpse of Finland ... Not much to see - it's airport what do you expect?
Will have a layover to look at the capitol upon returning.

So glad I made that last minute decision to buy a plug converter rather than waiting until I arrived in Italy or Israel :)

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