Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day 3-5: Ministry to Bat Yam

Haven't had good internet the last four nights, so here's an update finally!

The next morning, we Went out for breakfast at the coffee shop and bakery, we headed back to our hotel, checked out and Took the bus back to the airport. Security through the airport Was one of the fastest I've experienced. The security staff Quickly Opened and closed lines Depending on the minimal line. We Arrived in Israel around 5pm and Took a taxi to the home ministry in Rishon LeTzion. Miriam, our Hostess, Took us to the local mall to get dinner and experience some of the more modern Israeli life.

We Began Their Largest project on Sunday and with the organization of the aid center Followed by some work at home on Their Tuesday. The aid center Had not been used Recently, and They Had received a Few Shipments, filling up Their small space. With some good organization, we were able to the the find a home for most of the goods. At the home, we Largely Sorted and Organized books, Bibles and tracks in Their patio storage Shack.

Had we finished as the major projects, we Decided to head out this morning, staying at Bat Yam just up the coast on the Mediterranean Sea. We Took most of the day to Rejuvenate from our days of intense Few with our hosts.

On the plane to Israel

Go Jerusalem!

It's a chocolate shot

Passion fruit ice cream

At the aid center

 Helping Miriam organize the aid center

Visiting Joppa

Oust group picture

Walking to Simon's house

St. Peters church

At "Simon's" house. Currently closed while in desputed ownership between a Muslim and current resident.

Port at Jappa

Early Egyptian entrance

Our imitating the art work

Josh's imitation

Organizing tracts and evangelism materials

Hauling out trash

Trying new foods at the bakery

Miriam and Shlomy

Got a sims card for a few calls

Johns bed at awake 

Shushan room 

Rishon letzion beach

Our apartment in bat yam

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  1. So glad you're able to do this trip. Looks like you have a good purpose with the aid center. Miss you! Dad Darland