Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day 1: Pittsburgh

Well, we're finally on our way again! The bus to Pittsburgh arrived nearly two and a half hours late which should put us in Pittsburgh around nine depending on traffic. According to my bus neighbor (nope, no two seats together again) this isn’t normal for bus travel. Hopefully our bus experience will be a bit better tomorrow.

Josh has provided us with much entertainment and stories making the time pass quickly. I've found it interesting the people we've met. Some getting rides to special events in neighboring states, others visiting family, and some even moving. One gentlemen we met lost his home and had been homeless for the last couple months and is now moving to Massachusetts were his wife found a job. Another is moving to New Hampshire, were his roots are. His wife died a couple years ago and is longing for memories. And another who (perhaps as he claims) was foreign dignitary.

Josh is getting excited (before waiting three hours)

Josh and Ruth enjoying some cherry's - thanks Wanda!

Talking with our homeless friend - ended up giving him some snacks for his journey.


We made it to Pittsburgh last night around 10pm – a much nicer and we’ll organized bus station. So when we left the Greyhound Station, a man claiming to be a taxi driver offered us a ride to our hotel. However, upon walking to his vehicle, it was most certainly not a legit taxi! His truck looked like it was about to fall apart, and only had room for one on the front seat, Ruth and I jumped in the back, hoping we'd actually make it to our hotel. It was probably a good thing we couldn’t see what was going on as Josh told us later he ran many lights. Thankfully, we arrived safely in one piece and had a very refreshing night at the Crown Plaza in Green Tree.

This morning I called yellow cab who offered us a much more pleasant (and affordable) ride back into downtown Pittsburgh. John Sisler was at the Greyhound waiting for us. Our bus and driver this morning is far more prompt and efficient, working hard to leave on time. And even better, Our group gets to sit together for the first time!! And the crowd on the bus is of a different class.
I didn’t get any pictures of Pittsburgh, but it is a beautiful city with a classy historic downtown.

Getting ready to depart Pittsburgh

Our team so far ... Will be meeting Shushan at Penn Station in NYC who will be arriving by train. 

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