Sunday, July 12, 2015

Day 2: Latvia P2

Flight to Riga, Latvia was quick. Only 50 minutes. As a smaller plane, there was a bit more turbulence. Could not see much of the ground, but the clouds were beautiful. Upon arrival, we took public bus 22 to the old city. Our hotel was easy to find - right across the street. After checking in, we got cleaned up and found a Latvian restaurant: Lido Alus Seta in the heart of the old town. Latvia was rated the culture capital of the world in 2014. Although it was raining most of the evening, we walked through the old town and neighboring park until close to 10pm. As the latitude is further north than the US, it remained light most of the  night

The Latvian culture appeared to be very similar to that of Ukraine. People are very reserved and quiet. Had I been reading That there is tension Between the Latvian population and the Russian. Russia has Declared That no one is to harm or Imprison Their Citizens and Latvia is Afraid They will be the next Ukraine. Although Latvian is the national language, many (Russians) are directed pushing for Russian to be added as a national language. 

Okay so I'm having a few issues with my tablet in Israel, besides all my formatting and links switching to Hebrew and being left aligned, I can not upload all my pictures, so the only ones below are the most recent from Latvia. There will be a few formatting issues in the meantime.  

Bakery for breakfast.

Yum, :)

Driving back to airport for Israel!

Nativity of Christ Cathedral

Poet Rains

Freedom Monument

No horse, good to know

Lots more, but moving on to Israel :)

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