Saturday, July 11, 2015

Day 2: Latvia

Almost in Stockholm! We HAD two excellent bus rides yesterday, only arriving about 20 minutes behind schedule in New York and Ruth and I were able to sit together on Both buses. We arrived at Port Authority Where Shushan met us. With our group finally together in NYC, we headed for JFK via the subway and AirTrain at Jamaica Station. On the issues going through security other than Ruth needing her hair even down. The attendant Told her, "Mam, one moment please, that's a lot of hair!")

Flight to Stockholm was nice. Most of us were able to sleep at least part of he time. Ruth and I got Probably around four to five hours. The Entertainment Center helped pass the a couple hours. Ruth and I watched Mr. Magorium's Emporium or something like that. We arrived in Stockholm at 1:30 pm local time, close to 8:30 am, EST. Our transfer to and AirBaltic flight to Riga, Latvia went smoothly.

Getting Settled in for Stockholm

Ready to Depart

I think we're getting sleepy

Enjoying the on board entertainment

Thankful for a blow up pillow tonight!

Ready for our transfer to Riga

Not bad after 48 hours of travel

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