Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I could have been walking in the New Jerusalem.

What a mighty God we serve! God certainly had His hand upon Ruth and I as we were traveling back to Kentucky. On Tuesday morning as we were going through Shelbyville, Indiana, we apparently hit a pool of water and began drifting toward a semi in the right lane. In a matter of seconds, we were somehow ahead of the semi and spun over two lanes of traffic and into the right guardrail. I immediately knew something was wrong with my back, and Ruth noticed blood pouring from my head. As my door could not open, Ruthi helped me out her side. A family who saw the whole event transpire, called 911 and stopped to help. Within moments the ambulance arrived and they shuttled us off to the Shelbyville Hospital. After Josh, the radiologist, took lots of x-rays, nothing was wrong with my back - only the ninth, tenth, and eleventh ribs were broken. My RN nurse Mindy was gracious, allowing us to stay in the ER room until my family arrived from Iowa. Dad and Mom first stopped by the junkyard to collect our belongs and take a few pictures. If you look below, you’ll notice the right side of my car was cleaned off pretty good. The door caved in, crushing my seat to nearly a sixth inch span. Providentially, I had not only been laying on my right side, but I had taken off my seatbelt for a little while. Had I been strapped to the seat, my hips would have been crushed, rather it slid me forward only cracking a few ribs. Not pictured, there was huge gaping hole in floor of the backseat.

The ambulance driver and police both told us this was a dangerous area when raining. Only the week before a woman spun out the exact same place and was permanently disabled. Likewise, the ambulance driver said we walked away the best of anyone who had crashed there. God’s arm certainly saved both us. He must have some special ministry ahead for Ruth and I. May the name of the Lord be praised!

After much deliberation, we decided it would be best if I came back to Iowa to recover for a few days before returning to Kentucky. Here my sister can give me assistance 24/7 for these first few days. The doctor said today and tomorrow will be the worst. From there I’ll continue to recover for the next six weeks. Though I could be walking in the New Jerusalem today, God has spared my life a little while longer. I ask you to join me in prayer that I will be able to walk the streets of the old Jerusalem in eleven days. I’ll have to pack extremely light and will need to take it easy my first week or so. This may give me a better appreciation for seeing the Pool of Bethesda where Christ healed the lame man. That could have been me, but by His grace and mercy, I can walk! Truly a Miracle.

Thank you all for praying for both Ruth and I. Our God is One who answers the prayers of His people. His hand is not shortened and grace is more than sufficient. Praise be His name!

Zane Darland


  1. So glad you both are ok! God is great!

  2. Thanks be to God. He has really saved the both of you. I do believe you have a ministry here. You are in our prayers.

  3. So glad that the two of you are OK. An angel of the Lord was truly guiding your car to the safest result. He has great plans for you and Ruth. Continued prayer for your Jerusalem Journey.