Monday, April 2, 2012

Study in Jerusalem

            The Lord has given me an incredible opportunity this summer. From mid-June through mid-July, I will have the opportunity to study at Jerusalem University College. What better way to begin master’s work than to complete the first fruits of the degree in the holy city of Jerusalem! Unlike a traditional two week tour, this trip will provide deeper insight with biblical and archeological lectures on sight with academic scholars of the region, placing the events of the Bible in their proper geographical, historical, and cultural context. What better way to not only see the Word come alive; but also to hear, feel, smell, and experience the Scriptures in the actual locations they took place!
This is certainly an opportunity of a lifetime. Not only will this have personal benefits in seeing firsthand the places of the Scriptures of which I have fallen in love, but having this opportunity to walk in the footsteps of the patriarchs, prophets, and my Lord would provide incredible insights that would bless and reward my future students. To have had the opportunity to walk and study in the holy land would bring life experience and understanding into the classroom that many have not had.
The total trip will be roughly $7000 – that breaks down to about $200 per day. This includes all travel and academic expenses, room, board and meals. This trip essentially consists of three parts. The first couple weeks would be to study the History and Geography of the Holy Land ($2500) followed by a shorter trip to the nation of Jordan for additional perception into the biblical lands such as Petra ($800). The last couple weeks would be spent primarily in Galilee studying Jesus and His Times ($1600). Additional expenses include travel and airfare ($1700), as well as passport, fees, and class materials ($500).
Here’s how you can help. First and foremost, I desire your prayers. There is truly power in the prayer of God’s people. God is faithful and works all things out in His timing. I would ask that you pray not only as I prepare and raise funds for this trip, but also while I am out of the country. Safety is certainly a concern in the times in which we live. Also pray for ministry opportunities. Due to restrictions, it is sometimes easier for a foreigner to share the gospel than for local believers. Second, you can give. Every dollar counts. It’s a short window, but God has led me this far, and in His will, He will provide the resources. A gift of any amount toward the trip would be greatly cherished. Third, I invite you to follow my progress as I prepare and to catch daily glimpses with me while in the holy land. If you would like to receive email updates, please click here. Gifts of any amount may be send to Zane Darland at PO Box 10; Vancleve, KY 41385. You may also give online.
Thank you for your prayers and support!
Zane Darland

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